3 Tips For a Perfectly Satisfying Thanksgiving

3 Tips For a Perfectly Satisfying Thanksgiving

  1. Actually be grateful
  2. Go With the Flow
  3. Be Present

Thanksgiving is supposed to be about bounty, family, and gratitude. But, for many of us, it’s really just the time of year where we get stressed about making a whole lot of food, then stressed about eating too much of the food we made, then stressed about getting to the store early enough to buy enough stuff for Christmas.

This year, let’s change all of the stress. Here’s three tips to help you truly enjoy your Thanksgiving Day.

1.Actually be grateful. Instead of thinking about how lumpy the gravy is, it may be a better idea to just be grateful for all the positives you have experienced so far in the year. Yeah, it may have been a terrible year, but we have 364 other days to think about that. Try writing down some of the best moments of the year, and then sharing around the dinner table. It may be cheesy, but it will warm your heart, I guarantee it.

2. Just relax, and go with the flow. If your annoying uncle always has to have the wishbone, or your Auntie Muriel just HAS to kiss your face a thousand time, just let them. It makes them happy. Let them be happy, and I promise making others happy will make you happy…eventually. Avoid conflict. If that gravy turns out totally inedible, whip out that packet of instant stuff (it’s totally fine)! If the whole meal is a disaster, scrap it. Call for pizza, then hit the movies. Force yourself to be calm. Refuse to be annoyed.

3. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly of all, be present in the moment. Nothing ruins a special moment like that person next to you giggling at the latest YouTube cat video. If you’re hosting, have a basket set aside for electronics right by the door. When your guests doff their coats, ask them to doff their electronics too. Some may moan and groan, but it’s your house! Enjoy the moment and help others do it too. Sometimes a mental picture is a lot prettier than an actual one…and that super cheap TV can wait.

Those are just a few ideas to keep you on your feet this Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays, and just breathe!