4 Holiday Traditions You Should Start Now

4 Holiday Traditions You Should Start Now

By Michelle Alfaro

Are you feeling like your Christmas is just the same old blah whatever?  Make the season special by starting up some new traditions your family will look forward to for decades to come.

1- Learn about another group of people and their traditions around this time of year (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.)

Sometimes we can become so focused on our own pursuit of the perfect holiday, we can easily forget that there are other groups of people out there who don’t celebrate quite like we do.  Make it a tradition to broaden your horizons. If you’re rolling your eyes and thinking of your 4th grade world country report, I think there’s much better ways to get the feel of a different culture.  Invite a nearby neighbor over to dinner who doesn’t share your own belief system. Ask them to teach you about their home traditions. Try some new recipes. Maybe put together an interesting matching or quiz bowl game.  I promise your family will look forward to learning something new!

2- Get a new, special ornament with significance for your family each year

For years now, my mom has been giving her adult children a new ornament every year.  She says she likes the idea of each of her children having a similar looking tree even if we can’t all be together.  But, you don’t have to wait for your children to be adults to start this tradition. As a family, pick out a new ornament that may mean something to all of you.  Has it been a rough year? Maybe an ornament that says “Hope” would be appropriate. Did you have a new baby? Maybe a baby Jesus ornament would resonate. Take the whole crew and decide together.

3-Check out a local light display, or just drive around your neighborhood

There’s something about Christmas lights that just makes Christmas special. Maybe it’s the contrast with the gloomy weather. Whatever it may be, make sure you get your fair slice of light watching.  If you’re not brave enough to put them up on your house (TOTALLY don’t blame you for that one), find out where a local light display is. Make it a fun family outing. Go out for cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate afterward. Or, if you live in an area where the neighbors make their own light show, drive around and find the best houses.  I promise it will fill your soul with holiday cheer and be looked forward to every year.

4-Make a special recipe or treat only around this time of year

Dessert is awesome. I love (almost) all of them. Who doesn’t? Find a recipe your family really enjoys that might be a little too decadent for your average weekend dinner. Then, make it only for Christmas! Limiting how often you make your special treat will make it even better.  And food, like it or not, is a major part of memory making.

I hope these suggestions help you make a wonderful new set of traditions to keep your holiday season happy and bright!