How to Enjoy Winter When You Hate the Cold

How to Enjoy Winter When You Hate the Cold

By Michelle Alfaro

If you aren’t a winter fan, but live in a cold place, I’m right there with you! I just can’t seem to warm up, and besides the holidays, which are specifically engineered to keep most of us from depression, I could seriously live without winter. Alas, moving to Hawaii is not an option for my little family, so I have come up with a few things to keep you, and me, sane this year!

1. How often have we gone outside in the freezing cold with just a light sweater on? Yeah. I know I’m not alone because I’ve seen you shivering out there. Don’t do that! Make sure you have appropriate winter wear every time you go outside. Even if it’s just to pick up the mail. Yes I know, pulling on boots can be ridiculous, but put them on anyway! It’s worth it to keep yourself from hating winter life.

2. Okay, technically the next thing I’m going to suggest should probably have been done in the fall…but it’s not too late! Make sure your furnace system is working correctly and your thermostat knows your preferences. The most energy efficient temperature is recommended at 68 degrees. This will keep you warm enough without also killing your pocket book. If you can stand it cooler, by all means. Just have those sweaters and slippers ready for the whole family. Another good way to preserve that heat? Make sure the weather stripping around your doors is in good repair and open your curtains if you happen across a few sunny days. Close those same curtains promptly when the sun goes down as windows are a huge area of energy loss.

3. Can’t stand the idea of going out in the storm to pick up toilet paper and milk? If your local store offers a pick up service…download their app and use it! There may be a small fee, but it’s totally worth it to keep from getting too chilled. If your local store doesn’t offer a pickup service, or you don’t feel comfortable using it, watch out for a warm clear day, run to the store, then stock up on those essentials like toilet paper, tooth paste, and canned goods. Fill you pantry and storages drawers. You’ll be glad you did the next time a blizzard comes through.

4. Hot cocoa is essential to winter happiness. I’m convinced. Chocolate mint is my preferred warm beverage of choice, but if it’s tea or coffee or whatever you fancy, make sure you have some on hand for those particularly nippy days.

Yes, winter can be downright frigid. Yes, we are stuck with it for now. But this year just try to remember that winter can be more than enjoyable and is always uniquely beautiful. Keeping these things in mind will help all of us through!