How to Keep the Christmas Spirit All Month Long

How to Keep the Christmas Spirit All Month Long

By Michelle Alfaro

Has anyone else noticed the incredibly long period between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year? Or is it just me? For some of you, this just prolongs the wonderfulness of the season. For others, it’s like the pressure is slowly mounting, and it’s getting closer to a Mt. St. Helens type explosion. I seriously feel like Christmas should be tomorrow based on how long I have been in turkey withdrawal. But, instead of dwelling on those extra days this year, consider these tips to keep the magical sparkle of the season going.

1 – Keep those Christmas songs rockin’. Tired of listening to Bing Crosby yet? Of course you aren’t! Music is a major contributor to a holiday ambiance and keeping that Pandora station firmly set on Christmas is a great way to keep your Christmas spirit happy. Just remember to keep it a great mix of peppey and slow songs to keep your interest.

2- Get an Advent Calendar. We have a Christmas Tree advent calendar, and I cannot tell you how much my children absolutely adore the idea of moving the snowflake from one pouch to the other on the Christmas Tree. There are tons of different holiday themed advent calendars out there. Pick one up!

3- Extra Shipping time! Just remember that those extra days are helping the mail carriers get our gazillion packages from point A to point B. Keep that in mind when you are managing your online shopping. Comparing prices on and off the internet can also help keep your costs in check!

4- Wrap your presents over several days. It’s Christmas Eve. The kids are FINALLY asleep, and you would like to join them in dreamland BUT…you have 10,000 gifts to wrap. Not only is that annoying, but it can totally ruin your happy Christmas feeling. I recommend wrapping a few presents here or there in the week before Christmas. All that pretty paper and tape somehow makes me more excited for the holiday to come, and if I can get a dose of that more often, it makes the Christmas wrapping a much more enjoyable task.

These are just a few ideas to keep you smiling until the end of the year!